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From holding myself back to choosing real happiness… & enjoying my life. Want that too?

Welcome! I’m Eliza Ceci.

My goal is to help you get clarity quick! So many of my clients come to me not knowing their purpose. Are you feeling confused, frustrated and disappointed that your life doesn’t feel like it’s started yet? I’m here to help you change that. I help women just like you get clear, honest and focused on what you do want so that what no longer fits can’t be ‘the thing’ that holds you back anymore.

There is only one YOU and there will never be anyone else like you ever again – not even close. So why be so stubborn about sharing those gifts with the world? I get it. It can feel scary, exhausting, vulnerable and let’s face it, sometimes you might feel stupid for even wanting to make changes that family and close friends just don’t understand! I know because I’ve been there and I still hand around the block of fear and vulnerability putting myself out there as my business. But you know what? If you put the right people in your life, set your intentions and have a group of positive and supportive people to remind you why you started when you want to give up, you’ll be in good shape.

This is the place where I share the tools, ideas and teachings that’ve helped me go from broke, depressed,  depleted, and alone, to loving all aspects of my life, my body, my business, my relationship, and my inner life. Self love is an ongoing practice. You’ll never ‘be there’ completely and I want to show you that that’s totally ok!

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Over the years, I’ve coached hundreds of women to get curious about their intuition and use it as a tool to create a life you love. I don’t believe happiness and true love are reserved for the few. If you can dream it, you can have it. And through this blog and my coaching programs I share the forgotten past time of going within. You aren’t required to do more, to hustle or to fake it ’til you make it.

Actually the opposite, try my mantra on and see how it feels: Ease is the New ‘Hustle’

You can have freedom, travel as much as you like and work 20 hours a week and have a rich and luscious  life. You can have kids and not be stressed. You can eat more {healthful foods} and lose weight (YES, you can! I’ve done it). You can focus on your own self care and call in the love of your life. You can drop your stories that’ve been holding you back like my client did and you can definitely create new, beautiful habits that fit the person you want to become with ease.

It doesn’t need to be so hard. Let me support you in uncovering who you want to step into while bringing on the self-love, creating rituals that’ll make you shine and helping you live the life you feel so called to live. Not in 6 months  or 2 years from now or when you have the ‘thing’ but beginning today.

Get on the list and say yes to what’s true for you right now. I’ll be supporting you 100% along the way. You can do this. I can help.

Learn to celebrate your version of awesome everyday with a free ebookPlus free tips to create confidence and true love

One client recently told me she sees me as, ‘a midwife helping me birth new, beautiful things into being. I’m very excited and relieved!’

How cool is that? So, what do you need my help midwifing you through? I invite you to take action right now by scheduling your free Clarity Activation Session so that you can get the clarity, support, inspiration and ideas you’ve been craving. Your dreams are waiting and I’d love to support you in taking the guided next steps you’ve been putting on hold. Now is your time, beauty. You’ll never say, “I don’t know what to do” again!

Support, love, fun and actionable steps are what this journey of self-love is all about. I’m here to make you feel so, so good and to not be so serious about it. You’ll make some mistakes but it won’t be the end of the world. You’ll want a hug or a cookie when it feels too hard and I’ll be there for that part too. It’s all part of the process. The key is to be gentle. To allow yourself to be open to the possibilities of what life has in store for you and to not be too afraid to take some risks. We have a great community of women waiting to support you on the other side. Will you join us?