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Your Clarity Activation Session – My Gift to You


One of the things I love is getting on the phone and supporting women everyday just like you, who are tired, frustrated, confused and unsure what to do next… or, first!

It can feel so much harder when you’ve got a dream, when you have a vision for your life, but you just can’t seem to figure out what actions to take first, let alone which actions are best for you and your ideal lifestyle. That stuckness can bring up a whole lot of fear and what does fear do? Yup, it keeps you stuck, hidden, scared with busted up confidence.

After I got myself out of a mess of a crisis of the heart, I reflected and realized I needed a few key things to turn things around. If you’re ready for a shift these will most likely feel true for you too:

  1. You know you don’t want to feel like this anymore – you deeply wanted a shift in your health, love life, your purpose, your financial freedom!
  2. You want help to get some perspective.
  3. You realize you can’t do it on your own, or it would be working by now! You’re ready to allow support to come into your life.

If you’re saying yes to any of those above, you’re in the right place. 

Why now is your time…

If you’ve been feeling like you know you want to take action but you’re not sure about what, now is your time.

If you feel lost, sad, alone and like there is no one in your world {friends, family, partner} who will get what you are feeling, now is your time for support.

If you are totally overwhelmed with choices and finding yourself procrastinating because you don’t want to make a wrong move, now is your time for clarity and cultivating a relationship with your inner wisdom {she won’t steer you wrong}.

If you judge, blame, criticize, verbally abuse or berate yourself in small or big ways every day, now is your time to build the foundation for more self-love and trust.

What I want you to do now is simple. I want you to sign up below for your Clarity Activation Session.

It’s a 50 minute session with me dedicated to supporting and encouraging you to feel your feelings and get clear on what you desire so that you can enjoy more time in your life for the fun things. We will talk over the phone or via Skype if you’re international. Here are some of the things we might explore together…

  • We might look at your health and happiness. How you relate to your body, what you eat and how you feel physically.
  • We might take a look at your spiritual motivations for wanting something so much more, something that feels so BIG and we will discuss the roadblocks and confusion that’s holding you back {and why PLUS supportive tools to get you moving forward in a way that fits your unique personality}.
  • We might play with a visualization and feel into the intuitive parts of your nature for questions to the harder questions. That’s always fun!
  • We might explore the small things that take up your precious mind space like stress, your job, ‘balancing’ everyone you take care of and make a pretty little plan to make that feel awesome for once.
  • We might even get totally wild and explore boundaries, speaking your truth, self-sabotage and brainstorm some fun ways to let it all be ok, no matter how ugly it might feel.

No matter where you’re coming from we WILL look at your foundation and the cracks  that need some loving care to heal, grow, and flourish once more. I believe whatever is feeling out of alignment is in some way a form of un-love of the self. Self-love is powerful and a driving force to keeping you feeling whole, juicy, alive and most authentically you and I want to give you that gift of trusting yourself no.matter.what.

If this feels like something that’s calling your name I want you to do something for me.

  1. I want you to schedule your session and let me know the #1 thing you’re most struggling with around your clarity and intuition right now. 
  2. I want you to hear something really important: it’s not ok that you are feeling this way and I am here to support you 100%. If you’re feeling anywhere on the scale between ‘ehh and muddling through’ to ‘completely down in the dumps and depleted’, you need support and I’m here to walk you through the process with love and compassion.
  3. Sign up in the form below to be sure you’re a part of the community. Right now you need community and connection. I don’t want you to feel like you’re going it alone. It’s very important to me that you join us, and keep connected and sharing in an authentic and loving way that only you can. This is part of the healing.

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I invite you to take action right now by scheduling your free Clarity Activation Session so that you can get the clarity, support, inspiration and ideas you’ve been craving. Now is your time. You’ll never have to say, “I don’t know what to do” again!



imageJose Villa  via  ritzybee.typepad