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Creating a Morning Ritual: How + Why to Start Today


One of the most important foundations I set with my clients when I begin working with them is guiding them to create a morning ritual. Here’s why: if you don’t immediately begin your day with the intention that you’ve got to come first, you won’t. Life will get in the way. Your to-do list will take over and you’ll be overeating at your desk by 10am.

It’s really valuable and important as women to take this much needed time for ourselves first thing when we wake up to get in connection with ourselves, to get grounded so we feel confident and clear throughout our days and to bring more of that vibrant, happy energy into the day. Feeling happy and excited because you gave yourself some space that morning is only going to spill over and support everyone else in your world.

The first reaction when I tell my clients its a non-negotiable is that there isn’t enough time! And to that I gently say…

Do you have enough time to make bad choices at work today because you’re over-tired and unfocused?

Do you have enough time to ease into your day so you don’t binge in the break room because you’re super stressed?

Do you think you can make some time for yourself to ensure you can be fully present with your kids as you spend your day with them?

It might sound a little like tough love because it is. How you begin your day is how your day will ultimately flow. {Click to Tweet} That’s why it’s a huge no-no to grab your phone and check your emails before you’ve even brushed your teeth. Please, please, please tell me you aren’t doing that!

And I’ll be honest, there are totally days I feel like skipping the morning ritual but I know if I do… it’s not going to look pretty by 3pm. And on those days, once I get into it, I feel so much better and am grateful I kept to my routine.

What I invite you to do is get curious about what would make you feel really happy, alive, confident, peaceful as you wake up in the morning and begin a new day. One of the best ways to do this is to begin on a weekend where you might have more time. If you’re totally unsure what might be best for you, here are some ideas of what you could add to your morning ritual to get you started.

Ideas for a Morning Ritual

Wake up and before getting out of bed put hand on belly and heart and breathe in and out 11 times

Set an intention for the day or recite a beautiful poem or quote you love

Create a ceremony of making your morning drink. I love matcha tea right now and take my time lovingly preparing it with ease {no rushing!}

Do a few yogic sun salutations to get your blood flowing {there’s a reason cats stretch as soon as they wake up in the morning!}

Find a window or go outside and put your face in the sun and set in motion a little prayer of how you want to feel today with a smile

Ask your intuition: What do You want me to do today to enjoy the best day ever?

Journal and write out any of your current worries or frustrations into the pages so that you don’t feel weighed down – leave it all on the page

I could go on and on because once you get started exploring it’s hard to stop! And that’s how I want you to feel: excited and allowing yourself to bring fun into the process.

I can’t help but say this again but, this is one of the best things you can do for your happiness and for your health. The more relaxed you are going into your day the better you will feel physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Can you please promise to experiment with this over the weekend and try for at least 5 minutes for yourself in the morning?

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