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How to Manifest True Love + Other Lessons on Not Settling this Year

How to manifest true love

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Did I ever tell you about how I manifested the love of my life? If you’re currently feeling like you’re so done with less than you deserve in any area of you life you’ll want to keep reading.

I’d just ended the last shit relationship I’d ever have. I was depressed, exhausted, frustrated and done with men who didn’t see me, men who didn’t get me, situations where I felt I couldn’t be myself and be loved.

I cast a serious spell out into the ethers proclaiming with all of my heart and all of my soul that I was over being mistreated. I cried my last tears of self pity, dusted myself off and got back into the fun, the play, the ease, of my life and stopped neglecting my intuition!

I innocently proclaimed to all of my friends and family, “I’m ready to meet my husband.”

And that was the first step in how to manifest true love: claiming my desire.

I thought about it, talked about it, dreamed about it. I wouldn’t date another dud, the next man I dated would be my great love.

In the meantime I didn’t become desperate, I wasn’t looking everywhere around me because I trusted and knew he’d be on his way. I waited and while I waited, I got serious about becoming the woman I needed to be to have and keep true love.

Everything that came before the great love was a lesson, a character builder, a great eliminator until I was personally ready to call in the relationship that would change me.

Two months later I met my husband. 7 years later we were married and today at the 11-ish year mark, we have a solid, conscious, connected and devoted relationship.

Not one bone in my body settled for less than I came to know I am worth. I’m telling you this story because it’s time for you to stop settling. Don’t keep taking mediocre, eh, or OK in ANY area of life. This is about you claiming the most beautiful, the most brilliant, the most incredible life you can have.

Whether it’s that you want a sacred relationship or that you desire financial freedom and to find work you love, or that you’re ready to love your body truly, deeply, finally…

Whatever it is that you are desiring is meant for you. And this is exactly what we talk about each month in the Fear Less Inner Circle.

This is your year to be healed. To find self-love. To enjoy freedom. To conquer great fears that have held you back.

There’s a lot more to this story and I’ll be sharing more about conscious relationships and love in future posts. But for now I want to use this as a platform to remind you that you’re here for a reason. There can never be another person like you ever again, and let’s not waste one more precious moment in fear or sadness, thinking you can’t have what you desire.



This is your time. I know exactly how to manifest in a practical and fun way. Let me show you so you can let go of the let downs of your past and create a beautiful now {an inevitably an incredible future}.

If you’re excited to learn how to work with your feelings and build beautiful relationships so you can feel passionate and confident, you’ll love the Fear Less Inner Circle. You can learn more and join us here.