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Tell me if this sounds like you…

  • You dream of traveling around the world alone or with your family while having the freedom to work when you want to and not be tied down 
  • You want to be a VA, Social Media Manager or other digital nomad so you can leave your corporate job that makes you miserable (or supplement your coaching business) 
  • You crave freedom, adventure and fun!
  • You’ve always dreamt of living a lifestyle that supports your big dreams you know you’re meant for great things!

I see a shift happening. Almost every woman I have a conversation with lately shares a similar story – job hatred, feeling stuck and wanting to make a change this year. You want more quality time with family and loved ones, more time for travel and fun and less time worrying, stressing and working long hours just to make ends meet.

As women we are waking up to the fact that more work feels like less.

Less time enjoying life.
Less financial freedom.
Less connection in the real world.
Less happiness.

You’re craving something more. But not in a materialistic way, in a deep, wise, back to the way things should be kind of way.

A few years ago while I was hustling at my ‘bridge job’ while growing my business, I met my friend, Danielle. It was one of those connections where I knew there was a bigger plan in place. I was immediately aware of her passion for her work, dedication and love for life and family, and her determination to see her dreams through.

When she told me she and her husband packed up their life in Australia and moved (with 2 kids both under 2 years old at the time!) to Costa Rica, I thought to myself…

“You can actually do that?! Because I want that too.” For some reason I never thought that was possible for me but the seed had been planted.

Danielle had tapped open a part of me that was interested in learning how to create a lifestyle that fits my dreams of more time with my husband and loved ones, more time traveling and yes, more time living a life I love.

If you’re interested in becoming location independent in 2015 Danielle is the person to teach you!

She’s the reason I made the switch in my business to work virtually with my clients. This year I have plans on traveling to Scotland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Seattle, Boulder, Woodstock and more! And it’s because Danielle helped me to dream bigger!


As you know I almost never share programs and products with you because I only share things I know work or I believe in because I’ve used them myself. Honestly, this is a program I wished was available to me when I first started out. It would’ve made my life so much easier!

First I want you to watch the free videos Danielle created for you.

Inside she’s sharing her story about how she made the switch from burnt our 9 to 5’er to a mother of 3 living in the Costa Rican jungle building a successful business that she can take on the road with her family!

You’ll get actionable and detailed information about what it really takes to create income while living a life of travel, adventure, play and fun! Or maybe, your dream is more about having a lifestyle where you have freedom to do what you want when you want. If you want to visit family on short notice or you want to spend the week away with your best friend who lives across the country or you’d just like to be able to work from home and go to the 11am yoga class and then make time for your holistic lifestyle I really encourage you to watch these videos and allow yourself to take action toward your bigger vision.

When you’re done learning watching the videos I want you to head over to this page. 

This is where Danielle breaks down the details of how to become location independent by working for yourself. She gives the step by step of what to do. That’s what sets her apart. She will guide and support you in taking action, and teach you to build momentum so you can leave the job that you hate and work while traveling, exploring and having great adventures anywhere in the world.

Become location independent here.

If this feels right for you and you’re excited to live a life you love this year, use this coupon code for $50 off your program.

Coupon Code: GETFREE

In order to have a life you love, I know firsthand how essential it is to have inspirational stories of people who are standing where you dream of standing. Danielle’s the real deal. She has helped me to see the bigger vision for my life without even knowing it, and I know this is part of her purpose – she helps you vision, dream and plan while also being really grounded and rooted in the details of what actions to take in order to make the vision come to life. I hope she inspires me like she has me!

If you have any personal questions for me about anything you see in the videos or in reading about her program leave a comment below. I’m so excited to share one of the most amazing women in my life with you today. I hope she inspires you as much as she does me!

How to manifest true love

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Did I ever tell you about how I manifested the love of my life? If you’re currently feeling like you’re so done with less than you deserve in any area of you life you’ll want to keep reading.

I’d just ended the last shit relationship I’d ever have. I was depressed, exhausted, frustrated and done with men who didn’t see me, men who didn’t get me, situations where I felt I couldn’t be myself and be loved.

I cast a serious spell out into the ethers proclaiming with all of my heart and all of my soul that I was over being mistreated. I cried my last tears of self pity, dusted myself off and got back into the fun, the play, the ease, of my life and stopped neglecting my intuition!

I innocently proclaimed to all of my friends and family, “I’m ready to meet my husband.”

And that was the first step in how to manifest true love: claiming my desire.

I thought about it, talked about it, dreamed about it. I wouldn’t date another dud, the next man I dated would be my great love.

In the meantime I didn’t become desperate, I wasn’t looking everywhere around me because I trusted and knew he’d be on his way. I waited and while I waited, I got serious about becoming the woman I needed to be to have and keep true love.

Everything that came before the great love was a lesson, a character builder, a great eliminator until I was personally ready to call in the relationship that would change me.

Two months later I met my husband. 7 years later we were married and today at the 11-ish year mark, we have a solid, conscious, connected and devoted relationship.

Not one bone in my body settled for less than I came to know I am worth. I’m telling you this story because it’s time for you to stop settling. Don’t keep taking mediocre, eh, or OK in ANY area of life. This is about you claiming the most beautiful, the most brilliant, the most incredible life you can have.

Whether it’s that you want a sacred relationship or that you desire financial freedom and to find work you love, or that you’re ready to love your body truly, deeply, finally…

Whatever it is that you are desiring is meant for you. And this is exactly what we talk about each month in the Fear Less Inner Circle.

This is your year to be healed. To find self-love. To enjoy freedom. To conquer great fears that have held you back.

There’s a lot more to this story and I’ll be sharing more about conscious relationships and love in future posts. But for now I want to use this as a platform to remind you that you’re here for a reason. There can never be another person like you ever again, and let’s not waste one more precious moment in fear or sadness, thinking you can’t have what you desire.



This is your time. I know exactly how to manifest in a practical and fun way. Let me show you so you can let go of the let downs of your past and create a beautiful now {an inevitably an incredible future}.

If you’re excited to learn how to work with your feelings and build beautiful relationships so you can feel passionate and confident, you’ll love the Fear Less Inner Circle. You can learn more and join us here. 




Conscious, thoughtful gift guide ideas

There is so much out there on the internet you can literally find anything and that can make shopping for holiday gifts that matter so much more difficult! I know that when I give a gift I really put the person I’m buying for in consideration – it really matters to me that the gift is well received and a good fit for the person. I wanted to share with you a holiday gift guide that highlight some of the gifts I’ve given and received that are thoughtful and will light up your conscious, health minded, holistic focused friends and family this season.

At the top of the list has to be Danielle LaPorte’s st-uuuu-ning new Truth Bomb Card Deck. They are beautiful cards you can use them by picking on to use as your wisdom each morning. Make a ritual out of it! Or simply sneak them inside gifts, leave one on your seat as you leave the nail salon, flip through them when you need a smile or a pep talk. These are awesome and incredibly beautifully made. You can feel the love radiating off of ’em. Grab a stack for you and one for a friend. I also highly recommend Danielle’s Desire Map. As she says it’s a guide to make goals with soul and I personally go through it every 6 months.

I’ve just had the privilege of meeting KV the author of an awesome astrology blog who creates beautiful programs and gifts. You need her New Moon Journal! This is something I’m going to be gifting each of my clients in 2015 because it’s a great reminder that everything is connected. How we feel is connected to what we do and the cycle of the moon and stars. This is a great tool in helping you let go of the old and make space to journal on what you want to bring into your life each month.

This next one is for my woo-woo woman. Recently I’ve found the most beautiful, thoughtful and high vibe Etsy shop called The Sage Goddess. She has an incredible selection of crystals, candles, ritual oils, perfumes and more. I could spend all of my moola in this shop really quickly! Try her Goddess Ritual Candle set. This would be the perfect gift for a person in your life who’s seeking self love or on a journey of uncovering who she really is. Maybe this is a great gift to give to yourself this season. I’ve had my eye on Athena’s perfumes for a while. I can’t make up my mind over this Wild Woman scent or this one (I have the Fortuna incense sticks and they smell incredible!) Yum, right?

Holiday Gift Guide

When you think of what the holidays smell like, what comes to mind? For me it’s the smell of a fresh cut tree (which I miss from my childhood, because we haven’t gotten a real tree in years) and cinnamon and spices from home cooked meals. I’ve fallen in love with these soy candles that bring these beautiful scents into my home. I like the Noelle candle and the Junip with Juniper, Rose and Jasmine

 For the little angel on your list who is always looking for a scrap of paper to write her latest ideas and a-ha moments gift her a beautiful notebook. The watercolor artwork on the cover is what makes it so special, in my humble opinion 😉

Lately I’ve really been researching fashion lines interested in organic, sustainable and beautiful garments. I found a company I really like called Gaia Conceptions based in North Carolina. This hooded wrap fleece is warm, beautiful and comfy for these cold days. I like that the fabric is organic, comes in lots of fun colors and the dyes they use are hand dyed and good for the environment! She makes lots of cool items. Some can be worn multiple ways and you feel good knowing where your clothes have come from!

Another fun gift is for the woman in your life who is stressed, anxious and really wanting a shift in the new year! Who doesn’t right? And it’s $5 to cover shipping of her gift! Get her a Peace on My Plate Intuitive Activation Session. She’ll get an hour of time with me to sit down and talk about what’s happening in her life, what she’d like to leave behind from 2014 and what she needs help bringing into her life in 2015. 60 minutes together can create a radical shift. I’ll send her beautiful gift card in the mail with instructions on how to redeem and she’ll thank you for the fun she had in her session. Email me eliza@peaceonmyplate.com for the how-to. Give one to her and one for you. I won’t be doing this again for another 6 months.

I talk a lot about the importance of the phases of  the moon. La luna has been talked about a lot more this year and I know we will be talking about it even more in the year to come. Wouldn’t this Moon Phase Calendar be cool to hang in your home? It’s a beautiful art piece and also could be a great teaching tool for your daughters.

If she’s into health and holistic practices I know she’ll love a month subscription to Yogaglo – where she can practice yoga in her living room from teachers like Elena Brower and Kathryn Budig  – I’ve used this for years and really love it. Or get her some gadgets like the Picklemeister Fermentation Jar kit that makes fermenting veggies so much easier. It’s a really cool tool that you can attach to your mason jars for perfect ferments. Maybe it’s just a health coach thing? Or, an Earthing Bed Pad. This is an awesome gift. This is good for everyone – especially if you work on any of your devices while in bed. Check out why grounding is so important here.

And there you have it. Some of my favorite shops and goodies that I hope will bring you some ideas for your loved ones! Next week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite DIY projects that make great gifts. In the comments I’d love to know where do you shop for friends and family for holiday gifts? What are some of your favorite items to give and to get?