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A Poem for Self Loveimage via umbria

On the days when you’re pushing, struggling and screaming. You are loved.

On the nights when you feel invisible in a crowded room.

You are loved.


And especially when you’ve gotten it all wrong, made a fool of yourself – again! – or really messed everything up.

It doesn’t matter because you are loved.


Thank you.

For existing.

For trying.

For showing up even when you feel like you’ve got cake on your face.


You’re real and you’re raw and you’re brave.

Plenty of people don’t get you, but the ones who do, see your intensity and your passion as a gift that takes their breath away.

Your intuition and sensitivity are your greatest allies – don’t forget them.


It would be so much easier to quit but you haven’t.

And you won’t.

I admire that about you.

And about me.

We are good mirrors, you and me. We’re in this thing together.


2014 kicked my ass. It feels good to let that hang here.

And if this is true for you, allow yourself to admit when things are hard.


Diamonds are formed under massive pressure.

And flowers never apologize for their beauty.

There’s no shame in claiming your highest vision and not settling.

Isn’t that the bravest thing you can do?


What’s drawing you to your edge is the place where your next big growth spurt begins.

And as you tend to your internal soil, your brilliance, confidence, and gifts illuminate from every angle.


Claim the gift of vulnerability.



Give in to the intuitive guidance even when it makes no sense.


Old habits die.

Familial patterns wither.

Fear is crushed by blinding love.


The fearful Queen doesn’t reign here anymore.

Her poison of negativity is weakened in the view of your truth.

Instead, inside you emerges the tender and kind Priestess whose shackles are disintegrated in the face of the empowered, honest and self-loving being you naturally are.


She’s able to work powerfully within the shadow or the light.

Because you are both.

And so much more.


It’s your birthright to be what you want to be.

It’s your birthright to have what you want to have.

It’s your birthright to say what you want to say.

It’s your birthright to be you, unapologetically.


Let this be your self love prayer.

I’m fearless in my pursuit of joy.

My life matters.

Because I matter.

And today, being selfish is being selfless.

With each step forward I’m renewed and focused.

I meet my day with curiosity, wonder and awe just as I did as a child.

I invoke the power of my intuition to lead me in the direction of my big dreams.

Nothing real can hurt me and nothing unreal exists*.


And so it is.


(That * line above is from A Course in Miracles. Always giving credit where credit is due)


So, the million dollar question! Who do you need to become in order to have a life you love?

Here’s the thing, there are a lot of factors in loving your life. And, as you know, I’m 100% committed to helping you find the shortest route to having what you desire while still being in total authenticity.

Because without authenticity, you’re cheating at your own game. And while, it might feel good in the moment and you might see yourself moving forward – in the long run you’re only hurting yourself. Sometimes going slow, working out the kinks and deciding to make choices that deeply support the future you are way more beneficial than quick fixes and band-aid coverups.

Live a Life You Love Secret #1: What I’m experiencing is part of the plan.

So I want to get a little woo-woo on you here and remind you – you’re a soul who came here with a purpose that’s so unique and special – there will only ever be one you! There will never be anyone like you again and that means your dreams and desires are unique too. It’s ok if what you see for yourself is different than what others are creating in their lives. Own your special talents and gifts because they make you who you are.

Put a hand on your heart and repeat these words:

I am incredible and beautiful because I was born.

I’m unique, talented, beautiful, kind, daring and passionate in all of the ways the Universe requires me to be to fulfill my purpose.

When I feel I’m off track I will remind myself I’m exactly where I need to be.

Nothing I experience is a mistake.

It’s safe for me to be seen and to love myself completely.

Live a Life You Love Secret #2: Get crystal clear on what you want and don’t apologize for it.

Get clear on what you do actually want! The biggest mistake I see women making is choosing a life based on what their friends have, what their parents expect or what they see celebrities or idols doing. It’s out of alignment with you and what you deeply, truly want for yourself.

The key is to pay close attention to what you really want. I mean, what you actually, deeply, passionately want for yourself and for your life. Do you know what that is? What it looks like? How it feels? I highly recommend that you experiment with visualizing.

Close your eyes and imagine ‘future you’ 5 years from now. How old will you be 5 years from now? Imagine your life as if everything was perfect – you’re glowing and at your peak of happiness and health. Take 15 minutes to visually see what your dream life looks like. {I did this practice this week and I was surprised how real it felt!} Notice who you’re spending your day with, where you live, how you feel in your body, take a walk to a mirror and notice how you look – what’s different, notice smells, noises and sensations. Go as deep into the process with as much detail as you can. The more details you can catch the more real it’ll be for you.

Live a Life You Love Secret #3: Use your intuition as your guide and take action daily.

Once you have your visual of what your life can look like you can ask your intuition for steps to take you there. Small, baby steps. It can be exciting to see this dream and want to leap into it but small actionable steps each day will get you there quicker than huge leaps that can bring up resistance, self-sabotage or pain.

Taking these small steps in leaning into who you are and what you truly and deeply want for your life is brave. What you see in your visualizations, what you feel and desire in your heart is not there to torture or tease you. The Universe doesn’t put dreams in a heart that it can’t fulfill.

Trust yourself in knowing that having a life you love is about cultivating pure love for yourself by honoring your boundaries and tapping into what you really want for your life. You can have what you want, now go bravely and claim it!

It’s my intention to support you in coming home to yourself. If you’ve been putting off doing or having something in your life – let’s talk! Click the link to have a private 30 minute Live a Life You Love session. Let me support you in creating the action steps that will bring you closer to what you want, discover what it is and claim happiness, health and a life designed around you for the very first time.

To my incredible and undeniable belief in YOU!



I’ve been feeling really drawn lately to share with you more rituals to bring importance back into our action steps and everyday lives.

With the Summer Solstice upon us, I’d like to share with you some ideas and rituals you can use as we welcome more light back into our lives {literally, with longer days and shorter nights}. The Summer Solstice is the time when the Sun is at its most powerful – that’s why this is THE time for you to get support for the most hard to solve problems or stressors in your life. This is a time to bring light and hope and blessings and to receive your good.

Our ancestors celebrated rituals this time of year to honor our connection to the sun as the source of our ‘light’ and bring into our awareness the beauty and bounty within and all around us. That touches something in my heart that makes me really want to nurture these special times of year that are often overlooked by our own busy-ness. One Scandinavian folk custom to celebrate the Solstice was to weave flower wreaths and as you weave each flower into the wreath, whisper your biggest desire or dream that you want to see come true in the coming year. They’d finish the ritual by placing the wreath on a tree while singing and dancing together. So beautiful, right?

So in honor of slowing down and coming back home to ourselves, I’ve put together a few ideas and beautiful resources for you to create your own ritual on the 21st. If you’re interested in manifesting your dreams, accessing your true abundance or stoking your internal fire after a season of stress, exhaustion or overall blah-ness, these’ll be sure to perk you up and having you in touch with your heart, your intuition and your inner world in no time. Use these rituals as a suggestion, a starting point to use with your imagination to create something that feels special and important for your summer season.

Summer Solstice Ritual #1: Reignite your inner fire.

What’s a ritual without lighting a candle? Light your candle with the intention to stoke your inner flames. As you light your candle you’re intending to strengthen and bring forth more of your own personal power. In what ways have you felt you Light dimming over the last few months? Now’s the time for you to access your true inner power and to decide you’ll use the energy and light of the Sun to guide you in strengthening what once felt weak, dull or lackluster within you. 

Summer Solstice Ritual #2: Gather flowers, herbs, berries and leaves to create art from Nature.

This one is fun! You can do this with your kids, friends, family or by yourself. Create a mini altar or piece of art using the shapes, colors and textures found in nature. This is a really beautiful way for you to reflect the beauty and abundance you see in Nature by designing a flower mandala. {google it and be really inspired by what can be created from flower petals and leaves} Extra credit for choosing flowers that represent the sun like marigold in its deep golden yellow hues. I especially like this idea because its something you can do in your backyard using your imagination. Say a little prayer when your art is complete and let it gradually wash away in the wind or rain overtime.

Summer Solstice Ritual #3: Take a light bath to reenergize.

This one I recently learned from one of my teachers Gabrielle Bernstein. All you need to do is find a comfortable space in or outside where you can lie down. Make sure you’re really comfortable. Close your eyes and put one hand on your heart and one on your belly or both hands at your side facing up. As you’re lying down imagine your inner battery is being charged during this really special time when the Sun is her most powerful. If you’re doing this outside under the sun imagine the sun’s rays pulsing and embedding their love and healing into every cell. And if you’re inside imagine something similar – the Light from above is being drawn into each and every cell. Notice the places that feel the most depleted and watch with curiosity as they are being re-charged with ease. Envision your waterfall of Light embracing, revitalizing and supporting every bit of you – from the top of your head all of the way down to your feet.

Summer Solstice Ritual #4: Make a list of what you want to renew, manifest and release from your life.

I’d say it’s pretty customary to come to any sort of ritual or ceremony with some idea of what you’re excited to manifest and also what you’d like to release. You can make your list and put it near your lit candle, say them out loud and release the energy into the fresh air, or you can write it on a beautiful card to ceremoniously burn to signify the completion of your Solstice celebration. It’s what feels right for you. There’s no right or wrong way here, there is only your way. Asking yourself some questions or taking some time to journal and reflect on what you truly desire and what you’d like to let go of that’s feeling hard, or that the cycle has completed is all that’s needed here. Trust what comes up!

I hope these ideas lit a spark of creativity and fun for you to take with you into this next cycle. With the Summer Solstice I want you to bring more joy, fun and freedom of expression into your life and manifest those dreams by trying a ritual that supports your vision and what you’re stepping into. I’d love to hear if you have a current ritual you practice at special times of the year like this. Share in the comments and share your beautiful wisdom!