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Rituals for a Beautiful Life eCourse: a 7 Day Guided Adventure in Trusting Yourself


There’s a secret to creating a life you love and it starts with how you get out of bed in the morning.

This secret isn’t some out of reach, esoteric phenomenon, and you don’t need to be a millionaire or a secret genius to have this figured out {although I know you’re a pretty smart chica or you wouldn’t be reading this}. The fact is, if you’re overwhelmed and confused about what to do to feel better, you just weren’t taught to support yourself in a way that’s sustainable and fulfilling for an entire lifetime. But I’d like to change that.

It’s so annoying. You’ve probably done everything by the book. Gone to school. Gotten a good job. Found a great partner and rooted yourself in a life you thought you wanted. At first, you were totally content. Things felt really good and that you’d be making a difference, living a life you love and then the storm clouds rolled in. The overwhelm, guilt, fear and confusion replaced your easy going and loving nature with anxiety and annoyance that you aren’t as far along as you wish you’d be by now. It’s almost as if you woke up from a dream and realized with more clarity than you’ve had in years, that your life feels disappointing. Maybe it isn’t that dramatic {hey, I’m a Libra, setting the stage for some drama is our thing} but you know something feels off.

Maybe it’s…

the stress.

putting everyone else’s needs before yours

saying yes when you want to say no

staying late at work

not telling your friends the steak restaurant they chose doesn’t work for your vegetarian palate {or vice versa}

accepting the new client because you need to make rent, not because you’ll do your best work together

or avoiding your family because you don’t want them to ask you questions about how shitty you’re doing

Whatever else you’re holding onto is keeping you stuck and you know it.

Let’s just agree that you’re feeling pretty crappy and stuck in a rut the size of New Jersey, ick.

The really awesome news is that it’s not going to last forever. And I can say that because I’ve been in the rut and gotten out {safely} and you can too.

There was a time a little over 5 years ago, where things in my life didn’t feel as easy, trusting, safe and ‘in the flow’ as they do today. Like I’d been shaken awake after 20-something years of sleep walking and there I was, disoriented, confused and frustrated over not only the big picture of my life, but the little details too.

And, with this ‘awakening’ one thing became really clear for me – my intuition was going to play a huge part in how my life would end up. With eyes wide open, I began leaning into an idea I’d never considered before. One thing you might want to know about me is that I’m not a woo-woo girl. I’m grounded, practical and always asking questions because I want to know the ‘why’ behind esoteric ideas. Intuition isn’t fake or phony, or only for yogis and mystics. Using your intuition can be a great tool to build your business, make important decisions and lead you to opportunities that you never knew existed. 

When I first started this practice I was experimenting with trusting myself for the very first time. I began listening to my inner voice and acting on what I was sensing and feeling in my body. To do that I had to create a relationship with myself. And it was totally scary, but completely necessary. Scary because I had a terrible time focusing on myself without deflecting to how I could be helping someone else, procrastinating or keeping busy with ‘more important’ things. In my newfound commitment to me, everyday I had to decide to make a choice: was I heading toward my dreams or away from them.

Creating ritual is the key to calling in everything from big dreams to smaller intentions. Sometimes it’s the difference between eating well and taking time for great self care and stuffing, binge eating and getting into an exercise funk. Or, the difference between romantic dates and another night of Chinese food and zoning out in front of the TV, not talking with your sweetie. Without clear intentions life can go downhill fast.

Your body knows. She’ll lead you. She’ll teach you. And it begins with ritual.

You’ve got this.

You can have what you want. You can truly have what you want with consistent steps forward and a small belief that it’s possible for you. If you can believe just a teeny bit that change is possible in your life, you’ve got this. With the right support, love, consistent and small steps forward, you can reconnect with your inner answers and live a life you love with fun, joy, ease and peace of mind that yes, you really do have it covered. As long as you’re ready to invest the time in yourself, you can gain clarity and forward movement where before you felt stuck. You can experience self-trust and excitement for what’s ahead for maybe the first time in a long time.

I created the eCourse: Rituals for a Beautiful Life, for YOU. I’m so ready to hold your hand and teach you how to feel amazing. You ready for this?


The Rituals for a Beautiful Life eCourse will help you first cultivate a relationship with yourself, with your emotions and with your intuition, maybe for the very first time. You’ll be given the information and support to build your own beautiful ritual to help you feel more connected to your bigger vision and ease your stress and overwhelm. I created this program to teach you how to use some really powerful, yet simple tools in your everyday life that’ll shift your perspective and create change that feels incredible. It won’t cost you hours a day of hard work, either. This course is designed to be used by anyone looking to feel better and have fun implementing the tools I’m teaching .

In order to live a life you love you’ll want to create a practice that allows you to get to know yourself on a deeper level.


The Program Details:

I know how hectic the week days can be and I’ve intentionally decided to begin this program on a Saturday so you can build in more time for YOU and feel positive and excited to begin on the right foot. There will be 7 program emails all sent to you each morning for you to use and implement small and subtle changes in your life at any point during your day. You’ll also get bonuses and goodies throughout the class but I’m keeping those a secret for now.

The juiciest part of the program is that you get personal one on one coaching time with me. Together we will sit down, set an intention for the course and create a actions and steps that feel perfect-for-you daily. You’ll feel so accomplished and that’s just the beginning of our time together.

  • {1) 30 minute private coaching session with me where together we will create a new habits and action steps that work  for your lifestyle and personal goals
  • Daily morning inspirational emails with adventures to try on and actionable steps designed to inspire and support you in creating a truly unique and fun approach to self-care
  • Your RFABL workbook to get your juices flowing and support you daily with your progress
  • an audio meditation to ground you and walk you through specific steps on using your intuition in your daily life {even if you’re a newbie}
  • opportunity to connect with the group and ask questions in a private space
  • final celebration call with Eliza and the entire group at the end of the program. Get additional coaching, ask questions, or make new friends because I believe how you complete something is just as powerful as how you begin something {more on that in the class}

My Promise to You

If you know me, you’ll know that I love being there for the people in my life. As a participant of this program you’ll get immediate access to me to ask questions and get the support you need to really shine. It’s really important that you tell me what’s coming up for you so that I can support you 100% along your way. Asking questions and asking for help or clarity can sometimes be the piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing. Don’t deny yourself what you’re needing. I want to hear when you’re coming up against challenges and I want to hear when you’re kicking serious butt! During the program and beyond, please feel completely comfortable reaching out and sharing with me, because that’s what I love to do most!

Your Investment

Cool, so are you all in? If this feels like a yes, like, you’re really ready to take a look at the pieces of your life that feel off and make some magic together, the total investment for your course is $77. That includes the 1:1 coaching with me, 7 daily emails beginning immediately, workbook, meditation, exercises and all the other goodies. That’s a whole lotta stuff for just $11 per day don’t you think?


Additional Questions Answered

When you hit the ‘buy now’ button you’ll be taken to a secure shopping cart. Once payment is processed, you’ll get your receipt and welcome email from me with your next steps. In that email you’ll have your link to schedule your 1-1 call with me and more details about what to expect leading up to the first day of our course (beginning as soon as you sign up). Your welcome email and all further emails for the course will be sent to the email address you use when you purchase the program. If you need to change that at any time email us to let me know to update that for you. There are no refunds for this program. Because of the program length and the scheduled time for coaching together I know you’ll get a ton out of our time together. If you ever have any questions or want something answered before you make your decision you can email me here: Eliza@peaceonmyplate.com.




I’m so excited to share the inner workings of how to use your intuition in down to earth and practical ways that feel effortless and FUN in your everyday life. Let me show you how to feel connected and confident in just 7 days. I can’t wait to meet you in our circle. If you have ANY questions email me Eliza@peaceonmyplate.com and don’t forget, we begin as soon as you sign up! xxo


Interested to Hear What Past Participants Liked About the Course?


“This course changed my life. I wasn’t expecting this course to pack such a powerful punch and it has. Really grateful for the wisdom and insights I learned and how small steps are really adding up for me in a really big way. I feel lighter, stronger and more confident.” Mary, Ohio

“Wow I loved today’s email especially the mantra. It speaks so much to me and pretty much sums it up at how I’ve been sabotaging myself NOT to shine and now know that it’s totally ok and what I came here to do in MY own way! You are amazing Eliza! I also love all the new tools I have up my sleeve for when resistance or fear come knocking at my door.” Cristina, CA