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What’s Your Vision? How to Get Clear So You Know Where You’re Headed


So many times when I’m on the phone with my clients, talking with friends or making new ones, the concept of desire comes up. It’s so easy to know what you want from an analytical standpoint. That is really valuable. But more than that I want to know how do you want to feel. {I’ll share what I learned from Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map in a few weeks – she’s the Queen of desire in all the best ways}

The perfect way I’ve found, especially if you’re a visual person like me, is to use photos to capture the feeling of what you want to create. It gives you a visual to focus on and helps you tap into those feelings that anchor you to take action.

I know we’ve all heard about vision boards and manifesting, this is slightly different because I think movies like The Secret only got it half right. Vision boards are only half of the process, the other piece is connecting with the reason you want to have or experience ‘the thing’ and then look at what action you’ll need to take to move you closer to it. 

The real purpose of the vision board is to allow you to tap into these desires and give you a jumpstart on what you’re ‘calling in’. {Tweet it} Make sense?

The reason I feel so inspired by this concept is because creating a vision for your life is powerful and not to be underestimated. You can’t possibly know where you’re headed without a bigger why – a passion, a gut feeling, a deeper purpose, a dream – and that all happens when you tap into the deeper facets of creating a lifestyle that fits your unique dreams. You’re not a one-size-fits-all and your dreams shouldn’t be either.

To get you started, one of my absolute favorite tools to begin feeling into your vision is using Pinterest. In fact, one of my first homework assignments I give my clients is often to send me a Pinterest board of how they want to feel and see themselves transform in our work together. It personally, helps me tap into my clients in a very personal way. {You can check out what I’ve been collecting and get some inspiration for yourself if that helps}.

So, your challenge for this week is to share with me over on Pintereston our fabulous Facebook group or in the comments below {I’d LOVE that!} and share with me what you vision for yourself. Photos enhance the feelings so the more aligned they are with what you want to create the better you’ll feel and the more you’ll attract.

Remember, like anything this is a process so take it one step at a time and be gentle with yourself. Explore and create so you can expand in the ways you are meant to. And above all else have fun with the process! I can’t wait to see what you’re creating and support you in seeing this through! Once your boards are created make sure to print them out or add them as your desktop background or somewhere where you know you’ll get to see them and feel the benefits often and take those baby steps toward your dreams.

Your dreams are there for a reason. Listen to them. Cultivate them. Shine love and positivity on them and watch ’em grow.

To your beautiful life!


*image via coolmompicks.com